Burn in fire

Come on, lady
Let’s rock the world
Let us catch the stars and climb a rainbow.
Let us escape from our cage, which is holding us back day by day
Let’s get on fire
Let’s live
Let’s love
Let us run into the dawn
and enlighten the night.
Let us be what we are
Let us talk from soul to soul
cause we both are worth it
All or nothing
As it is already here
For us
Let’s take it all
Let’s run and swim and fly
and dream and talk and love.
Let’s live fully from the heart.
I know you are scared
Me, too.
Together we can make it
Let us be the ones we truly are
Let’s take the roller coaster
as well as our own responsibility.
Let us be side to side to each other.
Let us rock the world
Let us burn in the fire of life